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Platform 1 Gallery London   For Desperate Artwives   

Curated by Amy Dignam and Ema Mano Epps      June 2018 

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Performed for the closing event of the Reframing the "Sentimental" in the Art of the Maternal workshops, HUGS 1 reprises "Where Did You Go"  a video work never before screened, that gave voice to the artist's grief after her Mother's death.

It acknowledges too her transition from actively mothering to one experiencing the loss that awaits within mothering when children have left home. 

Stepping out from within the frame of a projected video of a drawn rose, symbol of love, with a voiceover asking "where did you go ?",  the artist quietly asks the audience to hug her, and each other, in a shared act of witness and comforting. 

Photographs : Clare Carswell

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