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On this page are images of works in progress, being tested in front of an audience or to camera. They are often made when taking part in professional development workshops. The pictures are usually taken by myself from phone stills or video and are not of great quality. They do act as documentation of an often hidden part of art making : the sharing of new ideas with colleagues, with encouragement by them to experiment, to try new ways of working and to articulate the learning. 

Artists need solitude to think and to find out what they want to make but we also need networks of support and witness as we do so. By coming together to make spaces of trust in which to reveal ourselves and our art in the raw - before it is refined for exhibition or presentation, we help one another as we become braver in our art making and we grow our art practice. There is always the possibility too of making new work together and that is often a rich and rewarding experience. I am grateful to all the artist colleagues who have invited me to hear their ideas and to share my own whilst they are tentative. Their observations, reflections and friendship help me to feel my way towards the art I am waiting to make and to do it authentically. 


Experimental drawing with collage made during BIDDY BOOST DAY 4 PRODUCTION  November 2022

Drawing and collages made during a BIDDY BOOST production day in November led to the development of drawings in the studio for wearing in WONKY performances in 2023. 


INSTANT VORTEX PLUS  workshop with Lady Helena Vortex (LHVX) Colchester Arts Centre  November 2022

Participation in a new project that creates performance, experimental videos and lens based images that explore the Libidinal and the Liminal, Sex and Desire in dystopian climate changing, post pandemic world. Teaming up cross generational artists – air frying the gap between the 'TikTok' generation and artists 50+ who are seeking to create new, experimental work. Culminating in a Happening – both 'in real life' and digital.

Instant Vortex Plus is part of LHVX's own period of development to upskill and share knowledge of digital lens-work with older artists who want to know more. 

Supported by Arts Council England.

Working alongside a group of women artists, dancers & writers from all over the UK I spent time developing a performance to camera, using green screen, leading to the production of UTTY SQUEEZE a new video work


ROOT/HOME/HEART workshop with CREiA Studio London and Lisbon           June 2020

Participation in a four day workshop with artists in London and Lisbon via Zoom during the lockdown June 2020


Working with meditation and drawing to develop an immersive practice.


Works made during the pandemic lockdown while working at home. Photographing and drawing dying flowers, a preoccupation with ideas around resuscitation with light and rest.


Reframing the "Sentimental" in the Art of the Maternal were three workshops held at Platform 1 Gallery London between April and June 2018 culminating in an Open Day when works were shared with the public. 

The workshops were led by artists Dagmara Bilon, Teresa Albor and Katy Howe, all artists and mothers themselves and guided participating artists on a journey to explore the maternal experience, individually and collectively. The aim was to help artists consider different ways of working and to challenge their current practice, with a focus on exploring and uncovering the power of the “sentimental” in the art of the maternal.


“Reframing the “Sentimental” in the Art of the Maternal workshops  by Desperate Artwives

Workshop 3 : Removing the Motherhood  led by Katy Howe    June 2018

Using throwaway sculptural forms and movement to re-inhabit the visceral landscape of our bodies to reveal what’s underneath the mother-hood.  I develop the SHOW HOLES idea by using drawn decorative frames to place around sites of pain on my body.


“Reframing the “Sentimental” in the Art of the Maternal workshops  by Desperate Artwives

Workshop 2 : Note to Self  led by Teresa Albor    June 2018

Exploring list making and the necessity of them to manage the thousands of small tasks that constitute  the lives of families. Working with the body as repository of memory. SHOW HOLES 1 made holes in my trousers to reveal my left knee, a site of pain on my body, and placed on it words I wish I had said to my deceased parents.  I then ate raspberries and cream off my arthritic knee in a knowing act of self comforting.