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FESTAL FAVOURS Performance art showcase 2017

VORTESSA BIDDY performance art programme Fringe Arts Bath 2022

DELI PAPER DOODLES exhibition 2016

JONG exhibition 2021


ALEXANDRA HOLOWNIA BIDDY performance art programme Fringe Arts Bath 2022

Clare curates the work of other artists through the project COUCOU, working since 2010 with arts partners in Oxford to curate exhibitions, platform performance art events, artist residencies & youth arts projects.


COU COU supports women artists over fifty to be productive, to collaborate and to share their work through flexible DWELL residencies, based in their own studio space or home.


With artist Peta Lloyd, Clare curates the BIDDY project showcasing the work of older women artists. The first BIDDY performance art programme was for FaB Fringe Arts Bath 22


The BIDDY BOOST research and production group for women artists over fifty launched in August 2022 in Oxford. Monthly meetings facilitate networking, mentoring and co-production for artists later in life. 


FEET UP, a performance art evening, will take place at Magdalen Art Space in Oxford in April 2023 showcasing performance works by some of the Oxford BIDDY group with guest artists Denise Bryan and Inés Rolo-Amado.  

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