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A performance to camera, glimpses of the solitary farewell being made by the artist to her arthritic left knee which will soon be removed and replaced. A montage of images and sounds, impromptu actions are made with ice and turmeric as attempts to invoke healing and connect with nature as the artist prepares for knee replacement surgery next week. 


The fractured nature, visually and aurally of the work, reflects the layers of time and experience that the brain copes with, several things at the same time competing for our attention and experienced fleetingly often without making much sense. 


Glimpses of drawings reveal a core part of her creative practice and signify its resilience, even as her body is ageing and fatiguing.

This affirmative and creative response to pain and temporary immobility is powerful.


The use of word play and the repeated English colloquialism, ‘TA-TA’ meaning both ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’ lend a humour and an intimacy to a poignant work. 


Click on TA-TA to go view video on You Tube

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