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Chipping Norton Theatre           October 2017

PURE JOY was a month long exhibition of drawings by the artist at the gallery Chipping Norton Theatre, October 17.

PURE JOY the performance, was durational and developed over several days during the run of the exhibition. The artist invited visitors to contribute to the partially made SH drawing displayed on an easel in the gallery. They were free to cut, change, add to the drawing in any way and to have their picture taken with it and the artist, and so become part of the performance and the documentation of the work.


OOPS, the performance, took place during the private view of the exhibition. Visitors were invited by the artist to select a drawing that they liked and to have their photo taken with it and Clare.  They were told that by so doing they were participating in a performance and with permission would  become part of the documentation of the piece. The performance ended with the artist and her guests disco dancing in the gallery.

Photographs : Clare Carswell

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