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Ema Mano Epps

Clare is currently collaborating with artist and curator of Platform 1 Gallery London Ema Mano Epps  to make works that explore triggers to creativity and to develop new strategies to prompt imaginative response. During the pandemic lockdown in June 2020, Clare and Ema have exchanged images and ideas online, and through the post, to produce works that examine their individual methods of generating ideas. Both have used meditation and immersion in nature to achieve a creative flow state. The resultant collaborative work, OFFERINGS 2020, is a two part video of objects being offered to, and changed by, nature. RIVER LULLABY 2020 is by Ema and here shown BLOWLY 2020 by Clare.

Clare is working with Ema to develop a dynamic performance work WOMAN MACHINE. Using guided movement, meditation and improvisation and evolved through closed workshop, the work invites groups of women artists of all ages, to take part in performance works that draw on memory and experience to arrive at series of repetitive actions personal to each, that represent aspects of the emotional and physical labour of mothering. Never the same twice, as the piece evolves and gathers pace, the performers syncopate their movements to find a shared rhythm and the WOMAN MACHINE is in motion. 

This exciting work is in the development phase and if possible will workshop and tour in 2021.

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