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The Hawk Stone

Dean Oxfordshire


Performance to camera for International Womens Day

8th March 2018                           

Photography : Stu Allsopp

A work inspired by ideas based on the essay by Anna Wahl ‘The Cloud: Lecturing on Feminist research’ (NORA: Nordic Journal of women’s studies, vol 2-3 1999) pp.97-108. In this essay, Anna Wahl describes how raising the word “feminist” when she began teaching or lecturing (on women and business) always provoked a strong series of negative reactions in her audience.  

This photograph locates the artist within a cloudscape, her hand carrying aloft a cooks knife transformed into a wing with clothes pegs, proposing in its slicing of the image to dispel clouds of confusion and misconception. The cloud/brain image has been developed through drawing in performance works since. 

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