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Photography : Mario Martin

BLOW 2018


A performance made in response to the SURFACE WORK exhibition of paintings and drawings by Scots artist Roanne O'Donnell at Toro Spacio Ronda 31st May - 1st July 2018.

BLOW, an interactive work, introduced vivid colour and air into the space as Clare breathed on the large graphite drawings and paintings that refer to the coal mining tradition in Scottish mines of Roanne's family. 

Clare says of the experience “Roanne and I are both Celts and share a sense of respect for the struggles our ancestors faced as migrants from Scotland and Ireland. Both pieces of work, Roanne's exhibition, and my performance, act as contemporary response and revelation of a history that is disappearing as well as an homage to our family histories and an affirmation of the bond that she and I share as artists and friends."

With thanks to Roanne O’Donnell and to Claudio Carrillo Godino at Toro Spacio.

Thank you to Mario Martin photographer at Foto Estudio Juan Manuel Ronda for   

In the U.K. thanks to Helen Richardson Couture for my costume and to Hidden Beauty Oxfordshire for my nails.

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